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Andanças is a festival that promotes popular music and dance as privileged means of contact between generations and cultures. Since 1996, Andanças has been gathering people from all over the world every year. It is a space where you dance, make music, experiment, but also where identities, thoughts and ideas come together for a better world. It was based on this concept of diverse union that the theme chosen for the 2019 edition of Andanças was “family”.


Under the challenge of creating a graphic image that represents “family” in its broadest sense, we resorted to an abstract interpretation through the relationship between three geometric shapes: the square, the circle and the triangle. These are raw and pure forms, unquestionably interconnected, familiar, yet so different from each other. The existence of this compromise between such different forms represents, in this sense, the feeling of “family”, creating bonds that unite different identities.


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